Just wanted to let you know how beautiful Amy looks. Everyone who sees her wants to give her hugs. And she LOVES hugs.

Ok. I am always writing about our health needs, but what about the health needs of your pet. I have always been very skittish about dropping my dog off to be groomed. I don't like her caged for hours as she waits her turn. By the time I would pick her up, she was shell-shocked beyond belief. Then I found Animal Palace....
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Sabrina just finished grooming my goldendoodle, Penny. Penny looks perfect! Sabrina did exactly what I asked, and she paid attention to the details. I will definitely use Animal Palace again! Thank you!

The Animal Palace is the best mobile groomer in South Florida.
They actually have been grooming monthly our 220 lb. St. Bernard,
Murphy, for about a year now. He's a long hair guy so we get the
furminator treatment, which significantly reduces the amount of
shedding. When their truck pulls into the driveway, Murphy just jumps
up into the vehicle and is ready for his deep cleansing treatment. The
staff is amazing and soooo accommodating. ANIMAL PALACE ROCKS!!!


I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my groomer today.
Jennifer was on time very friendly, quick and did a GREAT job on
I have not seen Skittles look so good in a very long time.
Thank you for sending Jennifer out today to groom Skittles I will be
asking for her again please let Jennifer know she really did a great

Colleen Scheidt

Our golden/lab mix Duke was groomed by Ashley for the first time last month. We were unhappy with our current groomer because Duke only looked and smelled clean for about two days after grooming. He wasn't truly clean and the groomers didn't do a good job on his nail, I believe because of his size. We were hesitant about mobile grooming because it was about twice the cost of normal groomer. After his first grooming with Ashley, we were convinced that mobile grooming with Animal Palace was the only way to have Duke groomed. Ashley arrived at our house on time and was excellent with Duke. She was not intimidated by his size and gained his respect instantly. The grooming took less than an hour and he looked and smelled great when he returned to me. His nails were trimmed properly and he was not under any stress from the grooming. The clean smell last about four weeks. Duke has never been groomed and stayed clean smelling and looking great for that long until he was groomed by Ashley. While the mobile grooming is twice the cost of generic grooming, it lasted twice as long. The price equaled out the same, but it only took one grooming session and not two. Plus, he was truly clean which is the purpose of hiring a groomer. We are now doing training sessions with Ashley and we are equally impressed with those sessions as well. I am recommending Animal Palace to all of my dog-owning friends. I know I sound like a TV advertisement, but I honestly that please with the service we are receiving from everyone at Animal Palace. Take Care
Misty and Sam Adams, Duke too!

My dog Bear recieved grooming (shave, bath, etc) this past saturday. I have had services from you in the past for Bear and have always been happy with the service. This week was Exceptional! Shannon did the grooming. Bear looks wonderful. Not only did she do a great job shaving his body, but even the way she tapered down the legs was great. Bear has never looked better.

So, I just want to praise Shannon for a great job! I will definitely be requesting her in the future.

Thank you.

Teresa R

Hi, my name is Rob Prilik and I just wanted to let you know that I could not of gotten any luckier with the company I chose to care for my son. Not only was I impressed with your van set up, but when I met Shannon I was put at ease. She was incredible. You can really tell when you’re dealing with someone who seems to love your pet as much as you do! Before arriving, I was stressed out and uptight because of the situation at hand, but when Shannon came and took care of the situation, I felt 100% relieved! As far as the experience is concerned, your company met my expectations 110%! I just can’t speak enough about Shannon and your company anymore than I have since then! Thank you for prompt service and an incredible person… Shannon. I never want anyone else to give care to my son outside of the vet! Thank you again, especially Shannon, you did a fantastic job, you are GREAT!
Rob Prilik

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