Message: I would like to let you how satisfied we were with Maxous's grooming last friday. I understand that she did not cooperate much and that she was overdue for her grooming. She had her last grooming in Canada end of december and we could not find a reliable groomer here until our friend refered you. Hopefully you will be willing to come...

Below is a list of some of the services we provide:

Pet Sitting Services

14 Step Spa Treatment Groom (Basic Service)
Check out the Fabulous Furminator Treatments( reduces shedding from 60-90% when done on a regular basis.. every 4-6 weeks)
  • clean eyes/clip nails (where appropriate)
  • brush out knots and debris
  • shampoo in warm/heated bath
  • massage in tub
  • first rinse in tub
  • clean ears
  • brush out loose hair
  • 2nd rinse in tub
  • blast water off
  • blow dry by hand
  • towel dry the face
  • brush
  • deodorize w/ cologne
  • ribbon or bandana

Available At Additional Charge:

  • Shavedown - Clipping your pet's coat very short(either for climate conditions, flea/tick problems or moderate to severe matting)
  • Puppy Cut - Clipping your pet's coat to a uniform length all over
  • Sanitary Clip - Shaving under the belly and around the rear end allowing your pet to go to the bathroom in a more sanitary manner
  • Teeth Brushing/Breath Spray/Teeth Gel Treatment - note: This is not a replacement for teeth cleaned at a vet
  • Special Shampoo - Flea and Tick, Oatmeal, etc.
  • "Paw"dicure -We offer a huge variety of nail polish to satisfy every mood
  • Furminator - Three step deshedding process that, if repeated every four to six weeks , should remove a large portion of undercoat (the hair that normally sheds in your home)
  • Frontline/Biospot Flea and Tick Application - These products need to be applied to the animals coats every thirty days for best results
  • Dremel - An alternative to nail clipping where the nails are shortened using a Dremel tool rather than a nail clipper
  • Aloe Treatment - additional treatment that is recommended for pets that have sensitive, irritated skin or itching and hotspots. It adds luster to the pet's coat.(please check with your vet to see the reason for rashes and sores)
  • Anal Gland Expression - Some dogs especially smaller ones require or need to get this gland in the tush area emptied. It can be bothersome and if left for too long can become impacted and can require a visit to your veternarian.
  • Products - We additionally sell shampoos/ dematting leave in conditioners, skin care products, and specialty fragrances
  • Free Instruction - If we sell you a brush or a comb it will be the correct one for your dogs coat and we'll demonstrate how you need to care for your own dogs coat
  • Nail Caps - For cats especially this is a way to prevent the animal from scratching friends and family members, wood floors or furniture. It takes minutes to apply and last six to eight weeks under normal circumstances
  • Tear-Stains Removal Treatment - Tearstains for some pets although not a health issue can otherwise detract from an animal’s overall appearance. We carry and stock Angel Eyes in Poultry Flavor which is a natural food additive and also Eye Envy which is a treatment you physically apply where the stain sits and we remove as much as possible. This is also a natural product. If we sell you an eye envy, we are more than happy to show you how to use it
  • Flea and Tick Products - We sell Capstar which is a pill used to kill off any live fleas within thirty minutes. This product needs to be followed up with a flea bath and a monthly preventative like Frontline or Biospot
  • Paw Pad Conditioning - For older dogs with paw pads that are hardened by age or are cracked. This can revitalize and make the animal more comfortable especially when walking
  • Spa Day - Treat your dog to a Jacuzzi bath, massage, pawdicure with your choice of polish, blueberry facial and upgraded colognes, shampoos and bows!

Animal Palace Rules... We just have a few

1. Once you have made an appointment with Animal Palace, kindly give us twenty four hours notice of cancellation out of respect and concern for your groomer (We need to keep our staff working as we typically only make four stops per day)

2. Please allow us a one hour window for your appointment. Because we travel from client to client we do on occasion run into traffic, accidents or just a dog or cat that needs a little more TLC. We promise we will extend that same courtesy to your pet!

3. All returned checks will be subject to a $25.00 service charge. In addition to cash, we accept: Visa, MasterCard or Discover charge cards.

4. Gratuities for the groomers while not expected are greatly appreciated by the groomers.

5. Please look your pet over before we leave and make the groomer aware of any problems or concerns you may have regarding the grooming prior to he or she leaving your home. We like to address these issues at that time. Due to our busy schedule we may be unable to address these problems and /or concerns at a later time. Your cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated. Our goal is to make you happy as well as your beloved pet!

We realize that you had a choice of other mobile groomers to service your pet today and truly appreciate the fact that you called us! Our goal here at the Palace is to provide every client with a happy satisfying experience and to treat your pet like royalty! We consider our clients(people and pets) as family. Thank you for using our services now... and in the future.

Please be a responsible pet owner and walk your dog prior to our arrival to avoid timely delays!

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Open 9 - 5 every day

Evenings are available for an additional surcharge
Office: 561-383-5000
Fax: 561-791-7859

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